Journalism is dead

The MAGA hat/teen scandal has made already clear what most of America knows, journalism is dead.    What we saw was the media attacking a innocent teen who was with his  school attending the March For Life and was harassed by a indigenous  man, who has lied about the event multiple times, by having a drum being  played close to his head.  This teen should be an held as a standard for  teens all over the country, he remained calm, even stopped one of his  friends from engaging with the indigenous liar, he helped diffuse the  situation. I, as a teen with the same age as this very mature teen, want  to congratulate this brave and very mature teen and I would like to be  friends with people like you.   The media coverage was shameful, they confirmed that they are partisan hacks and they confirmed that journalism is dead.   Please if you still watch CNN, MSNBC or NBC, please stop watching these  channels, I do recommend Fox News and the Blaze (now with the merge of  the Blaze with CRTV).